Bill Dobbins Photography
Bikes At Laguna Seca


Motorcycles arrived in the Monterey area over the course of several days - solo riders, small contingents of three or four, large groups of a dozen or two, all on their way to the races at Laguna Seca. Fans of Superbike, Formula Extreme, Supersport 750 and 600, riding every concievable kind of two-wheeled machines. They cruised the streets, crowded into motel and hotel parking lots, and snaked in long lines along the narrow roads that gave access to the racecourse. Bikes lined the bowl-like hillsides that surround the race track. They filled the parking lots, jammed into the infield. Along with the spectator bikes, the racing machines themselves were on display in tents and mobile garages before firing up and lapping the track at what seemed in terms of ordinary riding to be totally insane - if not impossible - speeds. Riders on rocket ships, protected only by full-face helmets and a thin covering of leather.

After the weekend the exodus began, and motorcycles came streaming out of the Monterey area in all directions. Up north toward the Bay Area, down Route 101 toward the south and some - the lucky ones - speeding south on Route 1, through the natural wonders of Big Sur - one of the most beautiful rides in the world - and down the coast toward San Simeon and Morro Bay.

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