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Women Of Superbike
By Bill Dobbins

Usually, photos of women at bike events focus on bikini babes, wet tee-shirts and other sexy eye-candy. Certainly, there are plenty of attractive women at a Superbike race. But in addition to the models, hostesses and trophy girlfriends, you also see women riding their own sportsbikes rather than just hanging on behind. There are women who work for the teams, female mechanics, officials and corner workers, vendors and thosands of interested spectators of the female persuasion. Nowadays you'll also see an increasing number of female racers as well, although nobody yet cometitive on the national and international level. But that's just a matter of time.

When it comes to motorcycles, women can be just as hard-core as men. Or more so. For the Laguna Seca event, I road my Harley Wide-Glide from Los Angeles to the Monterey area (I couldn't pack my cameras on my CBR 929) - about a 300 mile trip. A lady friend of mine rode her Ducati 916, which is no trip for a wimp. I asked her later if she hadn't found riding that kind of bike so far a bit uncomfortable. "My right hand did go numb after about 200 miles," she told me. "So I just pressed my wrist against against the throttle to hold it open for the rest of the ride."

Awesome. Below, some of the women of the Laguna Seca weekend.

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