With Bill Dobbins

Laguna Seca Raceway is one of the most beautiful race tracks in the world. It is surrounded by rolling hills, the track sitting at the bottom of a natural ampitheater. Spectators can view the entire track from up on the hillsides. Some arrive in recreational vehicles and watch the races from a home away from home. Others pitch tents, many barbecue. More than a few enjoy adult beverages. There are vendors at the track selling leathers, helmets, custom wheels, tee-shirts and all sorts of custom motorcycle accessories. Next to the lake is an area reserved for Ducatis and their owners: Ducati Island. Around the track and in the paddock colorfully dressed spectators mix with team crews, racers, and track workers and officials. Sometimes, if not for the sound of screaming engines from the track, you might well forget there was a race going on at all.

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