Bill Dobbins:
In Front Of The Lens


"You spend your time photographing some of the most amazing muscle women in the did you get that job?" I get asked that a lot. And the answer is simple: I invented it. When I started concentrating shooting and writing about women bodybuilders and aesthetic female muscle, almost nobody else was doing so. But during my career in this industry I have spent most of my time in front of the camera. Below are some occasions when I got to step out in front of the lens and be photographed with various celebrities and, most importantly, some of the lovely ladies I have the good fortune to work with on a regular basis.

Bill Dobbins

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Teenage singer/actor in "Hair"

With Ali

Working with Arnold Schwarzenegger

With the ageless Bob Demontique

Promotional appearance for "The Women" at the Golden Apple on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. With Debbie Muggli, Drorit Kernes, Erika Andersch, Sharon Bruneau and Heather Tristany.

They ain't heavy, they's Ocean Bloom and Timea Majorova

With the lucious Trish Stratus

Dragon Lady Meets The Wild One: me and Negrita Jade.

On the beach in Hawaii with Yvette Bova

Such lovely ladies...what can that guy possibly have? (Answer: a camera)

On the beach with Nicole Rollolazo and Brenda Kelly - Mini Them's.

"A man can never have too many motorcycles." Jay Leno

In Red Rock Canyuon with Yaxeni Oriquen

With Yaxeni after her Ms. International 2002 win.

Valentina Chepiga ads Ms. International Lightweight to her list of victories.

With Lisa Bavington: "How did the 60s end without you noticing it, Bill?"

One of the benefits of being a photographer

Aboard the "Yellow Peril"

"Tazzie, I'll give you just two hours to let go of me."

"Amazon Movie" stars Valentina and Andrulla

With Robin Coleman, Viviana Soldano and Suzanna McGee

With Brazilian Bombshell Katrina Nascimento

With Dayana Cadeau - Hey, it beats product photography!

Mellisa Coates, Tatianna Butler, Denise Masino at TV show "Other Half."

Congratulating 8-time Ms. Olympia winner Lenda Murray

With Loretta Lynn - the model, not the singer.

Training with Marika Johannson - obviously with better results for her than me!